What is term paper writing?

Term paper is a long essay, report, or anything like that, written by a student as an assignment over the course, term or semester. It is really a hurt to write a term paper even if you are knowledgeable student. You will face some challenges during the writing a term paper. A good term paper is the aim of every student, but not everyone is able to manage with this task efficiently. First of all to write a good term paper, you should know its determination. It is a research paper written by students over an academic term, accounting for a large part of a grade. Term papers are generally intended to describe an event, a concept, or argue a point. A term paper is a written original work discussing a topic in detail, usually several typed pages in length and is often due at the end of a semester. In order to write a good term paper, you should choose a suitable topic. One of the most frequent problems of students is that they cannot think of a suitable topic – but finding a suitable topic may well be part of the assignment. The topic for a term paper can be anything that may serve to increase the knowledge and understanding of a literary phenomenon, like a text, specific elements of a text, a theory, the process of reading, the act of understanding, the empirical reception, the sociology of writing or reading etc. You should have creative and resourceful abilities. It is important not to lose your chance to stand out with your paper. Your topic may be too broad, so you will not be able to cover it in your term paper. It will be another difficulty you will face to. You will need to narrow your topic. Depending on your topic you may want to rely on the scientific report style or literature review styles, or a combination of the two. The choice is yours. After choosing a topic you will have to determine what you now and what you need to know about it. More likely you will have some large or small gaps in your knowledge. Than you should do the research. You will have to record the necessary information for your bibliography (title, author, publication, publisher, place of publication, date, page number). It is really important for you to have face-to-face discussion with someone makes a topic literally come alive.

So, you have already understood that there are several steps in writing a good term paper. The first step is choosing the right topic. The second one would be the determination of what you know and what you need to find out. At the core of the paper there should be an idea, and that idea should be yours. Most often the idea is, in short, that some aspect you have noticed while reading the text (an important motif, a recurring element, a significant feature etc.) deserves particular attention because it contributes to the overall meaning of the text or favours a particular interpretation.


The third step is the research you will have to do. It is impossible to start writing a term paper before you’ve done the research itself. Your discovery should be unique, it should differ from the discoveries have been done before. You will also have to develop different thesis and hypothesis, but you should be ready for challenges. To write a thesis is a really difficult task especially if you write term paper for the first time. You should not forget to answer all the questions. The readers should understand all the information you decided to deliver to them.

You should know the subject of the research very well. You have been writing the paper not for too long period of time, if you are good at the researched information. You should fond of the process of researching. It is nice to discover new ways of investigating the problem. Before beginning the process of writing you must have ideas, a plan in mind and genuine understanding to communicate. So you should read all the information related to your subject.

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It is also useful to read all the reviews. It often contains additional references and leads. You should thoroughly search the periodical literature and the scientific journals. Scholarly books are reviewed in scholarly journals. Books for a more general audience are reviewed in newspapers and magazines.

Secondary sources are useful as leads to primary sources and as a way to gain an overview of your subject and initial familiarity with it. Encyclopedias are useful secondary sources. Review articles in journals and periodicals are also. But you must go beyond these, for a paper based only on secondary sources is considered weak.

One can become so narrowly focused on a specific subject that one overlooks the broader context of it. That can include historical and cultural context. After reading and digesting the source materials, it’s time to organize everything in your mind, or on paper, and plan a clear and logical exposition. Only then can you sit down at the computer terminal or typewriter and begin to write whole sentences and paragraphs. It will be good to discuss some of the points with other students. They may help you to understand better some aspects of your paper.

You should also follow all the requirements of your professor. If you forget about the requirements for the term paper writing, you will get a low mark, because despite your creativeness you should understand that the rules and prescriptions are the most important thing at your work. You also need to develop an outline. The term paper should include your personal point of view. You should also follow the structure of the term paper. Usually, the paper should include title page, table of contents: with section numbers, subsection numbers, page numbers, introduction (it contains your motivation for dealing with the topic. State your goal in relation to the problem, give plausible examples and a brief outline of the paper), theoretical part (it gives the background of the paper and contains a discussion of the relevant technical terms (correctly used!) and research that has already been done on the topic and presents these results accurately and systematically), empirical part (first, you describe your data collection and analysis, then you present your results.), discussion and conclusion (in the discussion you give a summary of your results and relate them to the goals discussed in the Introduction and to the findings discussed in the theoretical part. Conclusion can be a combined section or two sections. They are references and appendices. (In the references you list all works cited in your paper according to the styles listed below). In appendix you may have extensive corpus data, tables of results, and so on.

Finally, don’t forget about the style of the paper and you should write it in an easy-to-read manner.

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