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A lot of case studies can be of different types. The purpose of writing some case studies is necessary for research of academic level, or for proving the evidences of the research. As general, case studies consist of four essential types. These types include researchable, illustrative, critical and accumulative case studies. The main aim of these types is to be unique and vary from each other. The great example of this aim can be provided in illustrative case study that contains a full report of procedures. The investigation of the evidences is fully identified in an exploratory case study, while cumulative case study includes necessary information to certify contrasts, issues and causes of the consequences of the research. Critical case study defines some specific concerns with reasons and had a great influence on results. Any student should know these different types of meaning and case study instructions’ styles. While accompanying case study research, a student should be concentrated on the progress of operative plan of accomplishment to convey the essential data to verify some point or demonstrate some conclusions.


Writing a case study is a complicated task. One should carefully follow some stages to accomplish success in writing case studies.

  • The most essential thing on which everyone should pay attention to is to define case study’s type, most suitable style and design to address the anticipated viewers. For instance, methods of illustrative case study are often used in business organizations to prove to the consumers the quality of the service they offer. The essential part is consists of identifying the case study’s main topic to demonstrate the appropriate research to the audience. The main rule in succeed while writing the case study is to begin the research paper with finding required material. One of the best search sources is the usage of libraries or search in the Internet. The problem of the research should be properly explored and identified. Reliable additional sources that contain a lot of information can also be used as well, such as: peer reviewed articles, websites, DVDs, books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Also there can be used the topic that has already been published on the website with the usage of academic literature.
  • It is highly recommended to choose the applicants that should take part in the interviewing process in addition to the case study. Invitation of the experts will also be the advantage in providing reliable information to the writer. Furthermore, in interview participation the customers can also take part in as they can share their knowledge, skills and experience in using some services.
  • Using the interview questions is one of the privileges that raise case study writing. It is recommended for case study writing to use proper abilities to mien various interviews’ types, such as personal, email, in-person group and phone interviews.
  • The main requirement is to gather trustworthy facts and offer a wide-ranging analysis data of analysis. A lot of archival materials, artifacts, useful documents, and observations can be used.
  • The key issues raise in the writing paper should consist of one or two sentences.
  • To provide a good case study for the audience, it is important to gather all reliable and important sources and use them though the whole writing process of the research, containing analysis and interviewing processes.
  • Numerous sections can be provided in the case study: analysis of problem statement, an introduction, conclusion and background information.

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